Adventures on the Tube!

I’m sure everyone’s dying to know what we were up to in London today and, well, we had orientation. And then everyone else had internship meetings, so I went on a Tube adventure! My iPod has mysteriously decided to black out after an encounter with the converter/power system here, so I looked up Apple stores in London and attempted to use the Tube to get to one.

Note to self: carry a time piece. While in transit I realized I didn’t know what time it was and, for a bit, was slightly worried people were alarmed by my disappearance.

(They were not. All in all the adventure took less than three hours.)

Several stops and more than a few stairways later, I encountered a very, very large mall. Asked two sales clerks for directions, tripped and fell over myself, and went in an Apple store so crowded that I had to make an appointment for next Thursday. Aka next Thursday I’ll be traipsing back down to Wood Lane and the mall so that hopefully some lovely, attractively nerdy Apple-store employee can fix my music!

Also needed a phone and had been told that High Street Kensington was a good place to find them, so I got that taken care of for twenty quid, which was less than I thought it would be. Accidentally went the wrong way when trying to come back into South Kensington, where we’re living, but it only took me one stop to realize that it was quite simple to change directions. I’m already loving having an Oyster card (Tube card) for Zones 1 and 2. Yay free public transport!

Note to self:buy Dr. Scholls inserts or something because walking this much, even in comfy boots, can be uncomfortable.

Andddd I spent like an hour before sleep last night looking for cheap flights to Dublin and Naples. Hopefully going to Dublin in two weeks!